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Plant Storage
Leihpflanzen in Berlin
Nachhaltiger Messe- und Filmbau

Prima Klima und Naturdeko statt Greenwashing

Begriffe wie Nachhaltigkeit und Klimaschutz werden noch zu selten mit Messe- und Filmbau in Verbindung gebracht und sind oft nur Lippenbekenntnisse. Wer bei Messen hinter den Kulissen arbeitet, weiß wie viel Abfall sich ansammelt. Die Müllberge nach dem Abbau eines Messestandes sind wohl jedem bekannt. Doch gerade hier besteht ein großes Potenzial, etwas zu ändern. Wir können die Natur schützen. Unsere Pflanzenvermietung fördert nicht nur das Wohlfühlklima, sondern verbessert auch nachweislich das Stadklima. Alle unsere teilweise jahrzehntealten Pflanzen befinden sich wie bei einem Zirkus-Betrieb auf Reisen. Es wird also nicht für jede Veranstaltung neu gekauft, und dann gleich wieder weggeschmissen...

Leihpflanzen aus Berlin
Botanical Industrial

The Perfect Way to provide your Venue or Facility with a Spectacular Landscape

Our plant rentals are perfect for Corporate Events, Weddings & Rehearsals, Private Parties & Social Gatherings, Photoshoots, Conventions & Trade Shows, and more. Our professionals will deliver and setup your plants for your event based on your desired scheduling and return to pick them up – it’s that easy! We will give our expert advice on design and creativity matching the image you most desire. We pride ourselves on being attentive, detail oriented, and professional. Weekly service at your location gives us the opportunity to tend to your needs first and foremost. A trained horticulture team member will maintain the look and appearance we set out to create based on your wishes. Quality service and satisfaction is our main goal. We keep an extensive selection of tropical foliage on hand in our state of the art greenhouses for special events requiring a short-term rental. All plants are in decorative containers with top dressing included and are delivered by our professionals at the date and time you desire.

Mietpflanzen aus Berlin und Brandenburg
Event & Location

BUFA media campus is an iconic production location steeped in history

Some of the buildings and studios were originally built in 1912 and have played an important role in the making of film and television for over 100 years. Walt Disney’s ‘Emil and the Detectives’, Bob Fossey’s Oscar winning ‘Cabaret’, scenes from ‘The Blue Angel’ directed by Josef von Sternberg with Marlene Dietrich and one of the first ever horror films made ‘The Golem’ in 1920 directed by Carl Boese and Paul Wegener were all filmed at BUFA. Today, BUFA comprises of five film studios, one green screen studio, eleven dubbing studios and two mixing studios


Pflanzenverleih in Berlin und Brandenburg

Pflanzenvermietung in Berlin und Brandenburg

Pflanzenvermietung Berliner Union-Film 2018

Mietpflanzen aus Berlin und Brandenburg

Mietpflanzen für Berlin

Pflanzenverleih in Berlin

Mietpflanzen schaffen Atmosphäre


Pflanzenvermietung am Planbrett

Pflanzenvermietung in Berlin für Film




Universität der Künste Berlin - Tag der offenen Tür
Universität der Künste Berlin - Tag der offenen Tür

Moving Landscapes

Plant Storage is proud to offer rental of outdoor and indoor plants for all your occasions. We often create custom arrangements for cooperate events, rehearsal dinners & private events. We have a private greenhouse filled with big trees, palms and other plants all available for rental.

Our services include delivery, set up and take down and we even offer plant care and watering services for extended rentals. Let our designers create fresh & inspiring floral designs for your event. Plant Storage strive to create memorable spaces that are filled with character. Each event that we are a part of is unique and we love that

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